The Best Hotel-Quality Towels

The Best Hotel-Quality Towels

Investing in high-quality bath towels is a minor step that can improve your bathing experience significantly. If you've ever wrapped yourself in a lush and luxurious soft towel at a hotel or spa and thought, "why can't I get this at home?" We have good news - you certainly can! Bath towels that are soft, absorbent, and easy to clean are the best. And these towels will stay luscious and cozy long after their initial wash, unlike inexpensive choices (which might lose their fluff rapidly).

Towels are one of those useful household items that you probably don't think about until you really need them. You expect your towels to be there when you need them, and it's infuriating when they aren't. It's not a leap to argue that most of us would be significantly inconvenienced if we didn't have a few strategically positioned towels in our homes.

But, despite our reliance on towels, how much do we truly know about them? Most of us rely on our towels to dry us off after we shower, bathe, or wash our hands, and we don't give them much thought beyond that. However, the truth is that there is a lot to learn about towels. And by taking the time to learn about these things, we will be better equipped to choose high-quality towels the next time we go shopping for replacements.

Get The Same Towels 5-Star Hotels Have

There is nothing quite like a hotel towel. These premium basics are fluffy, robust, and incredibly absorbent, and they do it all while looking effortlessly gorgeous. But, unfortunately, when you return home from a trip, your towels may feel scratchy and mediocre — or, worse, filled with a damp, musty odor that you can't get rid of despite numerous spins in the old washer and dryer.

Towels are undeniably one of the most hardworking items in the home and the hotel. We use our towels to dry off, mop up large messes, and even drag them to the beach with us. Yet, despite the crucial role towels play in our daily lives, we often mistreat them, tossing them in a wet pile or putting them through high-heat dryer cycles. Then we're perplexed as to why hotel towels appear to be so much fluffier and more sumptuous than our own.

The Best Hand Towel

Millennium Collection Luxury Hand Towel - 

Our best-selling American Comfort Millennium Hand Towels will pamper your guests. These towels are a fantastic combination of luxury, absorbency, and durability, with 100% Ringspun cotton with a traditional dobby design at the border and hem. 

These towels are not only soft to the touch and gentle on the skin, but they also hold up over time, with tear-resistant strength and long-term durability. Buy hotel-quality hand towels today!

American Comfort Millennium Collection Bath Towel - 27"x52"

Our American Comfort Luxury Bath Towel is the towel for you if you want a top-notch 100% Ringspun cotton towel. This towel is rich, silky, and gorgeous since it is 100% Ringspun cotton. This towel is a fantastic treat for you and your visitors since it combines high-end yarn with exceptional stitching, thickness, and finishing. Hotel bathing experiences can be had at home with these luxurious bath towels.

American Comfort Magnificence Collection Wash Cloth - 13"x13"

These washcloths are an excellent combination of luxury, absorbency, and durability, with 100% Pima cotton with a traditional dobby design at the border and hem. Buy luxury, hotel-quality washcloths in bulk for an elevated guest experience.

Luxury Pool Towels

Luxury towels don't have to stop at the bathroom. Your pool towels can be hotel-quality as well. Here are a few of the best pool towels you can buy. 

Ryotei Collection Luxury Blue Pool Towel

Our Ryotei Luxury Blue pool towels are used at hotels, beach resorts, lodges, cottages, vacation rentals, Airbnbs, country clubs, gyms, and swimming pools in the hospitality industry. But you can have them too!

American Comfort Ryotei Collection Horizontal Stripe Pool Towel - Gold - 36"x68"

Our American Comfort Stripe Pool Towels are woven to perfection using the finest quality yarn, providing outstanding softness and durability. In addition, these towels feature bright stripes and are color and bleach safe, making them great for poolside enjoyment at resorts and hotels. Buy a few or buy these beautiful pool towels in bulk; they're perfect for relaxing by the pool.

American Comfort Ryotei Collection Luxury Pool Towel - White - 36"x68"

Our Solid American Comfort Luxury Pool Towels are designed specifically for hotels near beaches and resorts with exotic pools, but you can have them too! These hotel-quality towels are super-soft, rich, heavyweight, and incredibly absorbent, thanks to their 100% cotton yarn. Buy luxury pool towels in bulk today!

What's The Best Color For Towels?

People frequently inquire about the best towel color to purchase. White towels are a classic, and while color is a matter of personal preference, there's a solid case to be made for them. Luxury, comfort, and hospitality are all associated with white towels. Here are a few reasons why you should keep some white towels on hand for both guest towels and everyday use.

White Towels Are Easy To Clean

No brainer, right? Many consumers are hesitant to choose white because they believe it would require extra maintenance. This is absolutely not the case. In the long term, they are more durable than colored towels. White towels can withstand the most rigorous washing. If a stain occurs, use peroxide or Oxiclean to remove it; both solutions are gentler on fabrics.

White Towels Never Go Out Of Style

White is a classic color that never goes out of style. No matter how often you change your wall color, white towels will always fit the décor. In addition, this will save you money because you won't have to buy new towels each time you change the look. 

A Spa-Like Quality

Everyone enjoys being pampered and having our homes feel like oases in the world. Nothing beats a welcoming stack of folded fluffy white towels for creating a traditional premium bathroom spa vibe! 

Won't Fade

Forget about those colored towels that fade after being washed. White towels will never lose their color. 

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