Summer Is Rolling In, Time To Get Pool Ready, Baby!

Summer Is Rolling In, Time To Get Pool Ready, Baby!

Oh, yes, baby! Pool time is on the horizon. Well, for you lucky folks that live in warm climates like Florida, it’s already here. But wherever you are, it’s time to get “pool ready!” And we don’t mean your body, because you’re beautiful just as you are. We’re talking about getting your “pool” ready for you instead of “you” ready for your pool.

The business of life is just too much sometimes, and that’s why we’re so excited for some summertime fun and relaxation. Poolside with a good book, a cold cocktail, and sunscreen sure sounds like a great place to unwind from the rat race. But your pool can’t get ready for summer by itself; it will need your help. 

How To Get Pool Ready In 2022

We’ll start with the fun stuff first. If fun in the sun is on the horizon for you, you’ll need a few pool essentials. Pool accessories such as oversized floats or giant pool floats are a way to add instant fun. Someone in the worst of moods will immediately get into party mode when they walk in and see a colossal flamingo float in your pool. 

So, if your pool is the place to hang out in the summer, get yourself some pool accessories starting with your favorite giant pool float. It’s a fun time for all! Not to mention you can get some pretty Insta-Worthy photos too. Who knows, you might be the next viral sensation. 

Create A Luxury Pool Experience At Home

Sure, it’s easy for you to switch up your mindset, knowing that hot sunny days are ahead, but your pool needs some assistance. So before you can start planning your 2022 pool parties and BBQs, you have to put in some elbow grease. Here’s how to get pool ready for summer. 

Refresh Pool Towels

If dipping your toes in the pool and sunbathing has got you looking for the next new workout routine, stop right there! Sure, it’s great to get in shape, but you need to upgrade your pool towels before you hit the pool. Getting your pool ready for summer 2022 isn’t just about having a beach-ready body. 

Start with the simpler things. Whether at your home or apartment complex, hanging out by the pool, it deserves high-quality pool towels. Why? Because the biggest organ on your body is your skin, and it deserves the best! 

When you stay at a hotel, don’t you just love how the towels feel? They’re nothing like the towels you get at the big-box retailers, right? American Comfort has the hotel-quality luxury pool towels at affordable prices. So, now when you hit the pool, your skin can be pampered with soft and luxurious towels making your experience more enjoyable. 

So, step one in getting pool ready for summer 20022 is to upgrade your pool towels with the Ryotei Collection Luxury Pool Towel. Choose from our luxury, white hotel-quality towels or our luxury blue pool towels; they are perfect for your pool and beach days. 

Luxury Hotels Rely On American Comfort 

You, too, can have hotel-quality pool towels! Say goodbye to thin and rough pool towels and elevate your pool experiences to a luxury soirée level. Simply buy the same hotel-quality pool towels and pamper your skin with luxurious, heavyweight, highly absorbent, and super-soft pool towels. 

Snaz Up Your Pool Experience

Another great way to snaz up your pool experience is by having the proper lounge chair cushions. You're missing out if you don’t currently have patio chair and lounge chair cushions! Adding the cushy padding adds to the level of luxury at your pool. To make it more like a hotel pool experience, add the lounge chair cushions but don’t just stop there! 

For the ultimate glam pool environment, add throw pillows and bolsters to your lounge chairs. That’s how the luxury hotels make it so awesome, and now you can do the same at home. 

Luxury Striped Beach and Pool Towels

If you’re not a fan of white or solid blue towels, horizontal striped luxury towels are a great option. American Comfort hotel-quality luxury pool towels are affordable, made from high-quality fabrics, and look incredible. 

These pool towels are woven to a high standard, providing exceptional softness and durability. In addition, these towels feature bright stripes and are color and bleach safe, making them great for poolside enjoyment at resorts and hotels. 

Clean Pool Water

Once winter has passed and Spring has arrived, it’s time to get the pool water treated and ready for you and your friends to enjoy. If you’re trained to treat and clean pools, knock your socks off and get your groove on. But, if you aren’t, contact a local pool cleaning company. You definitely want to ensure that the proper chemical levels are present in your pool and that all the debris has been vacuumed out. This is essential for safe and enjoyable pool days. 


Another great way to get pool ready is to have your lawn and plants properly trimmed. There’s nothing better than a beautifully landscaped yard. And when it has a pool, it can be your own slice of paradise. 

You can also add some vibrantly colored potted flowers if your budget allows. Doing this adds a punch of color and another level of luxury. Whether you’re inviting friends and family over or just you, a luxury pool experience is heavenly. And you don’t have to go to a 5-star hotel or resort to experience it! 

You, too can have their perfectly manicured lawns and pool areas without breaking the bank!

Life is too short to skip the fun and exciting stuff. So, slow down. Embrace a life that isn’t consumed by work. Elevate your pool game, invite some friends over and enjoy!

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