Pillow Talk…It’s Not What You’re Thinking

Pillow Talk…It’s Not What You’re Thinking

“Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that can be.” (Source -Salt-N-Pepa) Oops, sorry! That wasn’t where we were going with this post, but I guess when you hear “pillow talk,” most tend to think about intimate moments, right?

The perfect place to lay your head at night for these intimate talks is more important than you think. But, just like people, all pillows aren’t created equal. And just as your choice in a mate is a personal choice, finding the right pillow is also. So, how can you find the perfect pillow “for you” in a sea of endless choices? We get it! It can be challenging. But luckily, we’re here to help!

The Best Pillows For The Most Restful Sleep & A Refreshed Awakening

It may be hard to believe, but the foundation of a positive, energetic state of mind all lies in a good night's sleep. So, if you're eager to improve your sleep (and mindset), getting new bedding is often a great place to start. You can buy a new mattress, sheet sets, or mattress topper, but simply changing your pillows is the most affordable—and effective—changes you can make to improve your sleep.

But while most pillows may appear nearly identical, they differ significantly in terms of fill, size, and density. When selecting the finest pillow for your sleeping needs, keep in mind your sleeping position and your own preferences for softness and support. Because there are so many styles to choose from, we've compiled a list of our favorites to assist you in finding the best pillow for you. 

Beautiful luxurious bed with American Comfort Pillows

How to Choose a Pillow

Before we get into which pillow is right for you, let’s talk about how to choose a pillow. Being comfortable all night long is the goal, right? That boils down to choosing the right pillow “for you.” What’s comfortable for your spouse may not be comfortable for you. And the worst thing you can do is just to comprise and both get the same pillow. There are hundreds of choices, maybe even thousands, so there is no reason why you can’t have a pillow that keeps you comfortable and getting a good night's rest. And, don’t worry, the perfect pillow won’t break the bank. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect pillow. 

Back Sleepers

High-density pillows are great for back sleepers as they are highly supportive. 

Side Sleepers

You need a pillow that will cradle your neck if you're a side sleeper, so a medium-firm pillow is for you. 

Stomach Sleepers

Where are you at, side sleepers? We know you’re out there! If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll want a really soft, low-profile pillow that won't irritate your neck. Fiberfill pillows and down pillows are great choices.

Here Are The Pillows Of Your Dreams

American Comfort Hotel Quality Original Down Alternative Cooling Comfort Pillow

With our Original American Comfort pillows, you'll get the best night's sleep possible. Our Original pillow is filled with a luxurious down alternative and a cooling fiber that does not clump and keeps you cool all night. In addition, we take our time designing the ideal pillow for all sleeping positions and sourcing the highest quality materials to ensure that our pillows are pleasant, hypoallergenic, safe, and machine washable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Down alternative pillows
  • Luxurious and comfortable pillows
  • Encased in a 250 thread count
  • 100% cotton casing
  • Filled with a plush-down alternative & cooling fiber 
  • Ensures your maximum comfort.
  • Help reduce back and neck
  • Carefully constructed for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • To prevent neck strain, it's designed to align your spine correctly while pleasantly supporting your head and neck.
  • Material that holds its shape and keeps you cool night after night
  • CPAP-friendly

Hypoallergenic Down Alternative 

Throw Pillows are awesome anywhere in your home. You can use them on your sofa, outside on patio furniture, and absolutely on your bed. Our American Comfort Throw Pillows are filled with 100 percent polyester fiber for a strong yet soft finish, giving any room in your house a warm feel. At American Comfort, we take the time to acquire the highest-quality materials and meticulously create each of our items to ensure your complete comfort. In addition, we only use the best materials to ensure that all of our products are safe for you and your family.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made with the finest materials
  • Hypo-allergenic & safe
  • 100% polyester fiberfill
  • Down alternative

    American Comfort Decorative Bolster Pillow Insert

    You may not know this but bolster pillows aren’t just for decoration. And we bet you thought that was the only function for them in the bedroom was for style, but nope! There's no denying how beneficial a good pillow can be for your sleep. Considering most people spend an average of 6-9 hours sleeping each day, you have to have the right pillow. 

    For example, they can be used as a roll pillow to position under the neck to keep your spine upright while sleeping on your back or side. In addition, you can place the bolster under your back to maintain a straight posture and avoid lumbar strain when sitting.

    The Bolster pillow is an excellent solution for folks who have trouble sleeping. They're even known as the side sleeper's best friend.

    • Increased comfort - they’re great for snuggling.
    • Provides protection & comfort for babies
    • Great for support
    • Make incredible accessories in the living area and bedroom
    woman snuggling Bolster pillow for support and bedroom decor

      Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Euro Pillow

      Give your living space and bedroom a cozy vibe with Euro Pillows by American Comfort filled with 100% polyester fiber for a plush yet firm finishing. Euro pillows are fantastic on your couch as they provide extra support and style. But, they are equally necessary for the bedroom. Decorate your bed with them or use them for sleeping. They’re also an incredible source of support for all our friends who love to read (or work) while sitting in bed. 

      • Hypoallergenic & safe
      • Made from the finest materials
      • 100% polyester fiber filling
      • Down alternative euro pillow

      Choosing the correct pillow is definitely a personal decision. Do you have one pillow or multiple? There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect pillow. For example, is a bigger pillow better, firm, or soft? Above all, as your momma always said, “Baby, it's what's on the inside that counts.” Pillows by American Comfort are filled with all-natural down or down alternative filling and come in soft, medium, or firm fill options, all of which are protected by a 100 percent Sateen cotton shell. The look of the American Comfort pillows is divine but sleeping on them is purely heavenly.

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