Improving Your Quality of Sleep

Improving Your Quality of Sleep

Since sleep takes up a third of a person's life, using an optimal pillow with the proper neck support to maintain the curvature of the neck can improve your quality of sleep. The orthopedic pillow design complies with orthopedic guidelines to ensure proper support for the cervical spine. The aim of the study was to examine the effects of different pillow shapes and pillow contents on the neck curve, pillow temperature and pillow comfort.

A feather pillow is considered the standard pillow and a memory foam pillow is one of the most popular among pillow users. Each subject was asked to lay down flat with 3 different pillows for 30 minutes in each test, and then the neck curve, the pillows temperature and the pillows comfort were measured. For the 3 different pillows, the orthopedic pillow was significantly higher than the other 2 pillows.

The degree of temperature rise was significant. The pillow comfort score on the visual analog scale was significantly higher on the orthopedic pillow than on the other 2 pillows. This study shows that the shape and content of the pillow play a crucial role in the curvature of the neck. The temperature and comfort of the orthopedic pillow can be optimal for your quality of sleep.

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