Improve Your Guest Bedroom Décor Experience For A Chic Sleepover

Improve Your Guest Bedroom Décor Experience For A Chic Sleepover

With the summer season in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to snazz up your guest room for a chic sleepover experience. And when it comes to bedroom décor, it’s all about personal touches and the little details that make your guest room feel welcoming and warm. 

With the right added touches, your guests can experience luxury, hotel-quality in the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to break the bank doing it. With some sweet treats, luxurious sheets, dreamy pillows, and a comfortable mattress, it’ll be the best slumber experience ever! And they may not ever want to leave….oh! Wait! You don’t want that, right? But, that’s ok; with these improvements in your guest bedroom, your guests will be inspired to re-do their own boudoir so they can experience the luxury every night…and they’ll be rushing to get started. 

So, here we go. Transform your guest bedroom into a luxury hotel-inspired oasis. 

How To Ensure A Dream-Worthy Sleep

Ok, the base of the best night’s sleep is always going to start with the foundation - the mattress. So, don’t skimp in this department. Instead, shop around to find a good quality mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft. 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the firmness of a mattress, so this can be challenging to please everyone. If you get one that’s in the middle, it should be comfy enough for everyone. But another great idea is to have a soft, padded mattress cover on hand that can be added to the mattress for the guests that love a super soft sleep experience. 

Luxury Hotel-Quality Sheets

Is there anything better than slipping into a bed with soft and lustrous sheets? If there is, we haven't found it yet, so make sure your bed sheets are soft to the touch, and your guests will sleep like a baby. The American Comfort Luxury White Sateen Sheets are our top-of-the-line flat luxurious sheets, ensuring a restful night's sleep. And we know how important it is for guests to wake up well-rested…because no one wants grumpy house guests, so dreamy sheets are a necessity. 

Our luxury sateen fitted sheets and luxury sateen flat sheets are the perfect bedroom accessory for an unforgettable night's sleep. In addition, our premium bed linens wick away sweat and are softer and more durable over time than those provided by rivals.

The Duvet Of Dreams

Our Comfort Down Duvet, which comes in Queen and King sizes, is ideal for lounging, reading a book in bed, or just sitting and reflecting on life. Its texture is breathable, allowing you to snuggle under it even when the air conditioning is blasting or summer nights start to grow chilly.

Anyone can feel as though they are floating in a cloud because we use a plush, soft polygel fiberfill. Trust us; it’s the perfect topper for a comfy bed that your guests can sneak away to for some private time. 

Treat Your House Guests With Luxury Bath Towels & Robes

If you wish to create an exquisite and luxurious guest room, go the extra mile, and provide your house guests with everything they’ll need to feel right at home. You'll quickly develop a reputation as the best host ever if you provide each guest with a robe and towels that compare to those found in a five-star hotel!

Consider making your guest bathroom a tranquil spa-like haven for the ultimate impact. The atmosphere in your bathroom will be formed by choosing luxurious bath towels for your visitors. Trust us; your bath towels make a huge impact because no one wants rough towels that don’t absorb water. So, whether you choose clean, white towels for a tranquil spa-like atmosphere or you want to create a more lively bathroom with a burst of color, make sure to stock your guest bathroom with towels.

The luxurious bath towels from the American Comfort Mikado series are the ideal restorative for weary travelers and house guests. An extremely absorbent, soft, and luxurious towel that dries rapidly and feels like butter against the skin is what they want to wash off their day with. Perfect even for skin types that are delicate and easily irritated!

Get Cozy With Throw Blankets & Pillows

The guest room is the ideal area to get creative because an excess of cushions epitomizes luxurious luxury. Makeover your room with plush blankets and large throws. These simple, low-cost additions can make a forgotten space into a welcoming, engaging setting for your visitors.

When it comes to comfort in your guest room, layering is essential. Consider spending money on a plush mattress topper, plush silk sheets, and lots of cozy pillows and blankets. Set your guest room up with beautiful pillows and plush blankets to truly make a statement.

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