How To Mix & Match Throw Pillows Like A Pro

How To Mix & Match Throw Pillows Like A Pro

It's not rocket science to style a sofa or a bed, but we will admit that it is an art. Most skilled designers have an uncanny ability to mix and match colors and prints without even thinking about it. And, sometimes, it seems like there is no way that the patterns or colors will look good together. But then, poof! They pop them into place, and then voilà, it’s a work of art. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are some basic home styling principles and formulas we can use to obtain the "professional" look on our own. Ready to style your throw pillows like a pro?


Throw pillows may sound like a second thought, but they really do go a long way to pull your room décor together, making it feel complete. Yet, with the endless sea of possibilities of colors, patterns, materials, and textures, how do you pick the perfect throw pillows? And even further, how do you make them look and feel like an intentional part of the décor and not a willy nilly,  have no idea what I am doing style?

Striking a balance between a haphazard mess on your sofa or bed and a well-planned style can be achieved! And you can achieve it without having a complete meltdown in the pillow aisle of your favorite home goods store. Instead, with a few simple, designer-approved tips, and a vision for how you want your room to look and feel, you’ll be able to easily mix and match your decorative pillows like a talented pro who’s done this a thousand times!

A Little Unknown Secret About Throw Pillows

What most people probably don’t know about throw pillows is that you don’t have to buy new ones every time you want to change up your look. Huh? What? You’re probably thinking, how can you change the style and look of a room without buying new decorative pillows? 

So, here’s the unknown secret about throw pillows... instead of buying “new throw pillows,” just buy throw pillow covers. Then, when you’re constantly buying new decorative pillows to change up the look of your couch pillows or bed pillows, you’ll have a ton of accent pillows to store. Never thought about that, did you?

Rather than taking up valuable storage space to house your old throw pillows, buy one set of throw pillow inserts. What are throw pillow inserts? It’s simple, really. They are the inside, cushy and comfy part of the accent pillow. Buying a set of throw pillow inserts is more cost-effective because you only have to buy them once. Then you simply buy throw pillow covers when you want to change your style and décor. 

When pillows can cost anywhere from $20 - $200, changing your home décor can seem like an added expense that isn’t necessary. And, of course, finding somewhere to store them is a problem in itself. So, instead, just buy throw pillow inserts and forget about storing additional pillows. Feel free to change up your style as often as possible by purchasing throw pillow covers.

Tips To Style Your Decorative Throw Pillows Like A Pro 

Now that you know you can simply buy throw pillow covers, here are some easy ways to style your accent pillows. 

Select A Color Story For Your Pillows

When it comes to choosing throw pillows, the first step is to decide on a color story. Even though your pillows are all different, they will feel like they belong on that couch or bed if you choose colors from around the room.

It's always a good idea to start with three complementary colors and work your way up from there with your throw cushion color pallet. For example, you can create a color story by choosing a wall color, a rug color, and a piece of wall art. If you're going to use throw pillows in your bedroom, make sure one of the colors comes from the bedding you've previously chosen!

Use Up To 3 Patterns

When choosing patterns for your throw pillows, it's crucial to strike the proper balance. No amount of color cohesiveness will make the cushions appear to "go" with one another if you chose too many patterns. Remember that "decorating using throw pillows" does not imply that you tossed them together; too many patterns will make you look untidy! I always recommend picking up to three different patterns.

Patterns are usually classified as geometric or organic. Stripes, plaids, and anything else with shapes (like you studied in geometry class!) are examples of geometric patterns. Botanical, abstract, and floral designs are all examples of organic patterns.

Don’t Forget Texture

Whether you’re styling couch throw pillows, bed throw pillows, or outdoor throw pillows don’t forget to add in some texture. A set of printed accent pillows is boring. Even if the patterns are attractive, pillows with the same texture can look "bed in a bag," as if they were not hand-picked for your room. Your home should represent who you are, and small things like pillows for couch or beds are just as important as big statement items. Make sure you're mixing and matching the textures you utilize when you're mixing and matching couch throw pillows and bed pillows.

A velvety velvet, a cable weave, or rich needlework are all examples of texture. They're all eye-catching, and they're even more enticing when you cuddle into them. Consider a geometric pillow with a typical southwestern pattern. Choose a cushion with the colors woven together rather than one with only a printed pattern. The pillow will have a more inviting appearance, and the texture will provide aesthetic interest.

Whether you’re searching for throw pillows for couches, outdoor spaces, or beds styling a room doesn’t have to be hard or break the bank. Invest in a base set of throw pillow inserts and then buy the pillow covers. They are available for blue throw pillows, white throw pillows, black throw pillows, and even fun and geometric patterns. Styling your home doesn’t have to be hard. With these simple tips, there’s no way your space will be boring. 

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