Getting The Groove Back - Boutique Hotels and B&B Popularity Soar

Getting The Groove Back - Boutique Hotels and B&B Popularity Soar

Whew! The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride in so many ways. And we have to say that it absolutely crushed our spirit to see travel almost come to a complete stop. But, while COVID-19 still has a impact on "how" we travel, we have to say we're happy that people have returned to jetting across the great blue skies in search of adventure and relaxation. If you have a boutique hotel, B&B, or vacation rental -things are looking up!

Hospitality Is Coming Back Quick!

When Covid-19 hit, it had an adverse effect on the hospitality industry as people were wary of and unwilling to travel and stay in hotels, Airbnb's, and vacation rentals. Now that the worst of the pandemic panic has died down, travelers and those that nourish wanderlust can once again see destinations that make their hearts and souls sing. And on the rise is the need for something unique, an experience that goes far beyond the "standard hotel stay." 

This Year Boutique Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts Occupancy Will Soar!

To make sure your boutique hotel or bed and breakfast is ready for an occupancy increase, you have to outfit your hotel with the best details. Modern day travelers want "an experience" and it starts with one simple thing - linens. 

Five-Star Hotels & Boutique Hotels 

Part of what makes five-star as well as boutique hotels so alluring is that they believe in providing the epitome of luxury and high-class creature comforts. No reference to hotel splendor can be complete without the linens that bring the vision to life and American Comfort specializes in bedding and towels that feel like clouds against one’s skin and lull guests to a night of better sleep and a better post-shower relaxation session. They’ll never forget their stay in your hotel!

American Comfort’s luxury hotel down alternative duvets are the stuff of dreams with their hypoallergenic filling that keeps them away from mites and also protects sensitive skin. Not to mention you can rely on our product guarantee that the filling does not clump and gather together and it is easy to keep the duvets clean with a plain cold water machine cycle. 

Our luxury sateen pillowcases and flat bed sheets that are petal soft, resistant to body moisture, and lovingly made from 100% ring-spun cotton gorgeousness are splendid for straightening out muscle aches and sprains from sightseeing. Your guests will cherish the few nights they’ve spent in your hotel as some of the best most peaceful sleep they’ve had in a long time! 

The American Comfort Mikado Collection hand towel comes in two petite sizes perfect for touching up in the gym before the shower and hanging around the neck. It absorbs like a wonder and its hypoallergenic 100% pure cotton material prevents irritation and abrasion against the skin. The 7 stitch method used on all our hand towels ensures their durability and fabric strength so endless washing and bleaching will not dull their fibers or cause tears. 

American Comfort offers four types of pool towels that are designed for rough yet enjoyable use around the pool area in hotels, resorts, and beachside vacation rentals. Our horizontal stripe pool towels are a twist on a classic style that is reminiscent of pool and beach towels in the mid-20th Century. 

We have crafted all our beach towels to withstand repeated use and exposure to the sun and chlorine and as a hotel owner, you can bleach them for hygiene as much as you want without so much as a fiber coming loose. American Comfort creates towels that last! 

With 86% pure cotton and 14% plush polyester the towels are a pleasing weight on the body that protects skin, absorbs like a heavy-duty sponge, and dries quickly to use again. Apart from our cabana-style we also offer Ryotei luxury pool towels that are brilliantly mid-priced despite their immaculate lock stitching. Our luxury pool towels are entirely 100% pure cotton and a classic, aesthetic off-white that matches any poolside décor your hotel, resort, or club has. 

Airbnb's- A Home Away From Home

Many travelers prefer to book Airbnb's and vacation rentals because they like the feeling that they’re in a home rather than a commercial hotel setting which can feel formal and impersonal to some people. One of the ways you can almost stage your Airbnb or rental property to feel like a slice of heaven is by investing in American Comfort’s hotel-quality linens that can make anywhere feel like the coziness of home. 

Our luxury white duvet cover and the sateen stripe variant with the down alternative duvet filling are a fluffy delight that suits even cool summer nights if your guests get chilly. The almost-satin covers can be washed repeatedly for a long time and will never fade or lose their luxurious gleaming quality. Furthermore, they are created with vision with a breathable fabric and an easy change cover button so you can glide the covers on and off to keep them super hygienic. The fabric is also sweatproof and pest-proof so the duvet is a gift that keeps on giving. 

As any homebody will tell you, pillows make all the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed. Our sateen stripe and luxury sateen pillowcases come in the Queen and King sizes and are made from 100% luxury cotton that keeps hair shiny, protects sensitive skin from breaking out, and repels bodily moisture keeping the fabric fresher for longer. You simply can’t do better!

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