Get Your Property Ready - Tips to Help Hotels Succeed in 2023

Get Your Property Ready - Tips to Help Hotels Succeed in 2023

In 2023 it is more crucial than ever that hotels adapt to travelers' desires to avoid declining bookings, revenues, and profits. The pandemic certainly hit the hotel industry hard, and hotels and vacation rental properties had to get creative to stay in business. And while the pandemic's woes seem to be in the rearview mirror, as a hotelier, staying on top of your game is even more important now.  

The good news is that even though 2022 saw a big bounce back in the traveler sector, experts expect that 2023 will be even better. So, there is no better time than the present to make sure your hotel is set up to succeed in 2023. The biggest things that hotel guests are looking for this year are quality accommodations starting with the linens and the overall "experience". 

"Experiences" are everything in today's modern society and with a different hotel on every corner, hotels have to find ways to attract and keep their guests happy.

And while offering each guest with complimentary Pellegrino and their own personal fluffy puppy is certainly one way to guarantee a great (or at least memorable) experience, that's not feasible. So, here are some other ways you can elevate your guests experience and solidify your place as the top travel destination .

1. Create an experience from every aspect. 

Travel is back, baby! And if you’re not ready for it, you’ll miss out on a landfall this year. So, whether you are running a hotel or a vacation rental, it’s time to level up your property to ensure you attract the most bookings.

In 2023, guests want an experience, not just a place to rest their heads. So, from the very moment they begin to search for somewhere to stay, you need to make your hotel stand out from the rest. 

Every phone call needs to set you apart from the competition; every email, the check-in and out process, and customer service throughout the stay are all the keys to creating an enjoyable, relaxing, and even exciting experience. 

But those are just the beginning. To really make a huge impact on your guests, you have to snazz up your guest rooms with the best and most comfy linens. Linens such as bed sheets, duvets, comforters, and towels are what your guests will remember most.

Because although you may not think so, a terrible check-in can be erased by sliding into a comfy bed with the best pillows and linens. If you need help sourcing wholesale hotel linens, drop us a line. 

Here are some tips to help hotels succeed in 2023. 

2. Make sure your linens are always clean and crisp

Your linens should be clean and crisp. Wholesale hotel linen products come in many forms, from cotton to microfiber, but all linens are made up of fibers that can be cleaned. You want your linens to look and feel clean at all times so that your guests feel comfortable staying in your hotel.

When it comes to laundry, you want the best cleaning product for the job. That’s why we recommend using professional linen services, which clean with steam technology and is designed specifically for removing stains from clothing, bedding, and other fabrics used in hotels (including comforters).

Not only does this help ensure that your wholesale hotel linens are always clean and crisp, but it also helps prevent damage caused by laundering them incorrectly—something that happens all too often because people don’t know how much pressure they should use when washing items like towels or comforters.

3. Select The Best & Most Comfy Hotel Linens

Your guests will notice the difference between a high-quality, attractive hotel linen and one that's not. If you want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay, it's important to select the best and most comfortable hotel linens available.

You should first choose a reliable supplier who can provide a wide range of products. It doesn't matter if your hotel only offers one type of bedding at this time—you will eventually expand your product line as needed. 

The next step is understanding how important comfort is for your guests and choosing an appropriate fabric density for each item in your line-up based on the different uses it may be put through while staying at the property (e.g., pillowcases are used more frequently than duvets).

If you’re shopping for the best wholesale hotel linens, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a selection of hotel wholesale bed linens and an Atelier linen program to help you create unique, one-of-a-kind hotel textiles, bedding, and linens made to your precise preferences and requirements.

4. Use color to make a statement

The color of your hotel walls can go a long way in helping you stand out from the competition. Your color choices should be based on your brand, but they can also be used to attract guests and make them feel at ease.

Here are some ways you can use color to get ahead of your competition:

Use colors that match your brand, if possible. For example, if your hotel is known for being hip and cool and has an active social media presence with lots of photos showing off its fun vibe, then choosing bright colors like reds or blues will help reinforce this image in people's minds. 

In contrast, if your brand is more conservatively chic and sophisticated—an upscale chain with five-star ratings from major travel magazines—then consider using muted tones like browns or grays instead of bright hues like greens or pinks. 

Use bolder hues in public spaces such as restaurants where guests spend more time during their stay at the property. Matching room décor with bedding patterns (for example) is always recommended.

5. Elevate Hotels Bathrooms With Monogrammed Towels

One item in a hotel room that makes a big impact on a guest's stay is the bathroom towels. No one wants rough, thin towels, stained, ripped, or non-absorbent towels at a hotel, so this is an area you simply cannot skim on. 

And in 2023, one way you can set your hotel experience apart from your competition is by adding monogrammed towels to your bathrooms. It’s an extra special touch that will immediately have your guests loving their stay because it’s unique and unexpected. 

Not to mention, monogrammed towels have a certain rich or luxury stigma to them, which your guests will love (especially if they aren’t paying a luxury price tag).

You can buy wholesale hotel monogrammed towels from American Comfort that match your brand with a hotel-specific monogram. 

6. Offer A Selection Of Pillows In the Room (different levels of firmness)

Pillow selection is important, as many guests prefer different levels of firmness. To create the ultimate sleeping experience, offer a selection of hotel pillows for guests to choose from in each room. This will allow you to cater to a wider range of preferences and ensure that everyone gets the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

Now, we don’t mean go crazy with a ton of pillows in each room because that could break the bank. But when you want to create the ultimate hotel stay experience, you must ensure that your guests sleep comfortably. And an important piece of that is the pillow where they rest their head. 

If you outfit the bed with firm pillows, you also have a few softer pillows in the drawer or closet. This will ensure that guests that love a soft pillow can get the best night's sleep, and the guests that love the firmer pillows also get theirs. 

Who doesn’t want the best night's sleep when they’re away from home? As their host, it’s up to you to provide it!

7. Invest in eco-friendly, durable hotel linens

If you can't beat them, join them.

The greenest scenario for hotels is to keep the same amount of dirty linens but reduce the number of cleanings and laundering. One way to do this is by investing in eco-friendly hotel linens that are durable and easy for guests to care for on their own (e.g., bed sheets with hidden zippers). In addition to being better for your bottom line, these products will help you stay competitive with other hotels that offer similar amenities.

8. Know When To Replace Used Linens

Replacing your linens is one of the biggest ways to affect a guest's stay. Dirty or old-looking sheets are a common complaint in hotel reviews, and we understand how that can impact your property's reputation.

Too often, hotels only replace their bedding after it’s been slept on by multiple guests, even though this means that each guest will experience a different level of cleanliness depending on how many people have already used it before them. This is why we recommend replacing bedsheets daily and pillowcases weekly as part of our Laundry as Rich Service offering.

We also recommend replacing towels if they show signs of wear or stain easily (for example, black towels). And if you need help managing these changes to your linen supply chain, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hotel success is not just about providing a comfortable, enjoyable guest experience; you also have to manage the bottom line to keep guests coming back again and again.

It is important to note that linens are the first thing guests see when they arrive at a hotel. These aren't just sheets and towels but also robes and slippers. As such, they play a major role in your bottom line by helping you attract repeat business from loyal customers who know they'll have great amenities when they come back again.

That's why it pays to invest in high-quality linens that keep up with today's standards of comfort and luxury. In some cases, this will mean using different fabrics or thread counts for different types of rooms or suites—the best way to ensure you're providing the right type of experience for each guest is by tailoring your offerings based on their needs!

By following the trends above, you can ensure your hotel rooms have a lasting impression on guests. And if they don’t, then it may be time to consider a redesign or renovation project. Investing in new, eco—friendly, durable linens—and keeping them clean and crisp—you'll make sure that guests keep coming back again and again.

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