Bath Towel 101 - Create A Spa-Like Experience

Bath Towel 101 - Create A Spa-Like Experience

Bath towels can be the most hardworking members of your family. After all, we want our towels to keep us clean, dry us off, enhance the appearance of our bathrooms, and, on rare occasions, wipe away mud tracked into the house by your mischievous pooch. Towels, despite their versatility, are sometimes overlooked, with many individuals paying little attention to the type of towel they purchase and carry home. But with some added knowledge, your towels will look better, last longer, and function better in their many roles around the home.

Creative Towel Displays to Elevate Your Bathroom

Few people think about sprucing up their bathrooms as part of their home décor. But, it’s actually one of the most important rooms that should have some décor and personality. After all, it’s probably the first room you walk into when you wake up in the morning. And it’s where you do your daily pampering so it only makes sense that your bathrooms should have an aesthetic that’s visually appealing, calming, and happy. So, here are some simple tips to achieve a Zen-like bathroom. 

The Bathroom Towel Fold - Make A Statement

Do you have trouble folding your bathroom towels? When you step out of the shower, fresh, fluffy bath towels are the ultimate bathroom treat, delivering a true refuge of comfort. Bath towels not only keep you warm after a lengthy dip in the tub, but they also give your spa-like refuge a beautiful look. You'll want to showcase your new, luxurious bath towels so they're easily available while also improving the elegance of your bathroom.

You can fold your bath towels to perfection in a variety of imaginative ways, from towel origami and elaborately folded towels to layers of different colored towels and glamorous display stands. 

The Simple Fold

Do you want to give your bathroom a touch of hotel-style luxury? Try this gorgeous but basic folded form for a simple look and the best use of shelf space. Making a classy statement by folding your bath towels and hand towels into thirds is simple. Fold your towel in half again, this time with the open ends to the left. Fold the bottom third of the towel up first, followed by the top third. Place the towel on a shelf in your bathroom so it'll be ready when you need it!

The Spa Roll

The rolling method might help you achieve a more tranquil spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Place your towel on a flat surface and fold one corner diagonally towards the center, aligning the short and long edges. Then fold your bath towel lengthwise in half and flip it over. Finally, roll the towel firmly and tuck the point inside the roll to hold it in place.

The Swan Fold

During your travels, you may have seen towels folded into a swan (or other animals) sitting on your bed. Seeing these works of art can immediately create a sense of joy and excitement, but have you ever wondered how to make them at home? 

How To Turn Your Bath Towels Into A Swan

  1. Lay your bath towel on your bed in a landscape position
  2. Fold the top two corners inwards and downwards to meet in the middle. They won't line up with the bottom edge of the towel because it's not a perfect square.
  3. Roll the two outer edges inwards toward the center. When you’re done the shape should resemble an upwards-pointing arrow.
  4. Fold the resulting arrow into a Z. Be sure that the two bottom points of the arrow end up at the bottom of the Z and the top point, at the top.
  5. Set the Z down and squeeze the corners to set the curves. The Z should now look like a swan.
  6. Repeat the steps with a 2nd towel for a swan companion whose neck can complete a heart shape.

To see these steps on how to turn your bath towels into a Swan click here

How To Maintain Fluffy & Fresh Bath Towels

Ok, so now you know how to add some personality to your towels let’s talk about how to keep them fresh and fluffy. Nothing could be worse than rough and stiff bath towels, right?

Here’s how to keep them fluffy. 

  • Don’t overdo the fabric softener. Huh? Sounds like fabric softener would, uh, make your towels soft and fluffy, right? Too much fabric softener can actually flatten the fibers on your towels, crushing their fluffiness.
  • Use dryer sheets once in a while but not with every towel load.
  • Do shake them before putting them into the dryer. Shaking them fluffs out the fibers, allowing for better absorption and drying.

Should I Wash New Towels?

Now, that’s a great question. And the answer is YES! New luxury towels may have microscopic pieces of fluff and lint left over from the manufacturing process. New bath towels are coated to prevent absorbency so they'll make it from the warehouse to your home looking great. This, however, can make them appear considerably smaller than they are. Towels that have been washed before usage will be full, bouncy, lint-free, and ready to use and show in your bathroom.

When new bath towels are shipped from the warehouse, they are typically coated with silicone or some other finishes to prevent absorption.

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