9 Ingredients For A Comfy Bed

9 Ingredients For A Comfy Bed

You spend approximately 30% of your life in bed, so shouldn't it be as comfy as possible? We believe that having a well-made bed is essential because getting enough sleep is crucial to a well-balanced life and mind. And, happily, all you need are the appropriate basics to get a good night's sleep (plus kids who sleep through the night...but that's another story). So, here are our must-haves for creating the coziest and most comfortable bed possible. We hope you find it enjoyable!

Even if getting the prescribed eight hours of sleep each night is a pipe dream, there's no reason we can't make our bedrooms dreamy. Our beds tempt us to unwind, reflect, and sleep. So, you must make your space comfortable and peaceful. 

Peaceful & Pure

The secret to getting your "cozy on" may be pretty simple. Even though we thrive in the day's turmoil, bedtime is when it's time to unwind. Falling asleep in a bed draped in pure, crisp luxury white linens leaves you with nothing but R&R on your mind.

Here Are Some Simple Ingredients For A Comfortable Bed

Not Too Neat

Comfort comes in various forms and fashions, and for some, being cozy means letting go of the need to be flawless. This is precisely the situation here: so ditch the over-coordinated pieces and leave the military-style hospital corners to the military. Instead, simply get some soft bedding that slinks off the edge and beckons you in.

Dim The Lights

Serenity can be cultivated beyond the borders of the bed. Even in full daylight, room-darkening drapes provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle outside. With a plethora of throw pillows, you can lean back, prop yourself up, and relax whenever the mood strikes.

Start With A Good Base

The mattress is one of the most crucial components for getting a good night's sleep because it serves as the bed's foundation. While there is no one-size-fits-all mattress, experts have shown that a medium to hard mattress helps relieve back discomfort better than a softer one. In a store, test out mattresses for at least 10-15 minutes apiece, and bring your pillow with you to better replicate the way you sleep. 

Keep It Cool

Because the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll want to curl up in something warm and cuddly. Natural fabrics tend to breathe better, allowing you to stay cooler. They also contain fewer allergens and are more environmentally friendly. Our favorite is Luxury Sateen Flat Bed Sheets.


Beds gather a lot of dust and other unpleasant particles but using a mattress protector – which, unlike a mattress, can be washed – can help keep your bed clean. Protectors also put an additional layer between you and the mattress, making the quilting and tufts less noticeable through the sheets.

Top It Off

Some mattresses come with a topper, but if yours doesn't, you might want to consider getting one for more comfort, as toppers are designed to adapt to your body's shape and provide additional support. Also, cover your mattress topper with a mattress protector to extend its life.

The Best Pillows

Choose a pillow that will keep your head in a neutral alignment: precisely between your shoulders, not too much forward nor too far backward. To assure your utmost relaxation, our American comfort down alternative, luxurious, and comfy pillows are encased in a 250 thread count, 100% cotton casing, and filled with a velvety down alternative and cooling fiber.

With our Original American Comfort pillows, you'll get the best night's sleep possible. American Comfort pillows are meticulously created to ensure a restful night's sleep. Our Original pillow is filled with a luxurious down alternative and a cooling fiber that does not clump and keeps you cool all night.

We take our time designing the ideal pillow for all sleeping positions and sourcing the highest quality materials to ensure that our pillows are pleasant, hypoallergenic, safe, and machine washable. Tip: replace your pillow every 12-18 months due to the amount of use. 

And once you have the best pillows, you need to cover them with the best pillowcases. The American Comfort Luxury Sateen Pillowcases will quickly become your favorite sleeping spot.

100% Super Soft Luxury Cotton: Our breathable pillowcase wicks away moisture, heat, and allergies while providing exceptional softness. Your skin and hair will appreciate you for laying on a non-scratchy material to move around freely and pleasantly. Our favorite pillowcases are luxury sateen pillowcases and sateen striped pillowcases.

The Perfect Sheets

Is there anything more viscerally calming than getting into a cozy bed? If that's the case, we haven't found it yet, so make sure your sheets are soft to the touch, and you'll sleep like a baby. The American Comfort Luxury White Sateen Flat Bed Sheet is our top-of-the-line flat bed sheet, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Paired with our luxury white sateen fitted sheet, it creates the perfect cozy bed. In addition, our luxury bed sheets are softer and more resilient over time than those offered by competitors, and they wick away sweat.

These luxury bed sheets are hotel-quality; made from 100% ring-spun premium long-staple combed cotton yarn; they're stain and fade-resistant, fully machine-washable, and hypoallergenic for a bed sheet that will look great and last for a long time—crafted with a sateen weave, 3" top hem, and 1" bottom hem for a luxurious look. 

And we designed these sheets with institutional laundering in mind, a bright and colorful look is achieved using a micro white finish for a true luxurious hotel-quality sleep experience. You can purchase single sheets or buy our hotel-quality luxury sheets in bulk. 

Your bedroom should be the most personal place in the house because it is the most private. Every time you go into your bed, it should feel like the ultimate sanctuary and make you joyful. With the right luxury sheets and pillowcases, it's easy to create the ultimate cozy sleep experience. 


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