5 Star Hotel Quality Linens On A Dime

5 Star Hotel Quality Linens On A Dime

"Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn"...uh! Not in today's modern times, today your ideal customer wants more than a "hotel stay" they want an experience. Which is why boutique hotels, B&B's and vacation rentals' popularity are on the rise. In today's busy world your bed is for more than just sleeping. It's where we work, play, eat, read, make whoopie, relax, an occasional pillow fight and of course catch some zzzzzs. So, it's crucial that the linens you provide are top of the line. 

There’s a reason most modern-day people fantasize about escaping the humdrum of life to wake up in the soft, heavenly comfort of a well-made, fluffy, boutique hotel bed. Whether it's a vacay away from home, a business trip or just a family reunion, there's nothing better than a stay in a unique boutique hotel or B&B.

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For most of those overworked souls trapped in the 9 to 5 rut, a getaway may not just be a pleasing thought for the change of scenery. But also for the much-needed sleep you can get in the tranquility and serenity that the best hotels bring. Being part of the hospitality industry, you know the key to a memorable stay lies in the experience. And that experience starts and ends with luxury hotel linen. Today, we're here to tell you that affordable luxury hotel sheets, luxurious boutique hotel linens, and opulent B&B linens are affordable and within your reach. 

A huge component of those optimal levels of feathery-softness is the linens a hotel uses. From the sheets to the pillow cases to the duvets and the towels. American Comfort Collection wholesale Luxury Linens offers a varied selection of the finest hotel linens you can get for the most competitive price imaginable, so you can ‘up the ante’ on the quality you provide your precious clients! 


As far as boutique hotel linens go, our collection is hard to beat. This is because we make painstaking efforts to source the best quality materials and create wholesale luxury linens that will impart serenity with a single touch. Here are some of our much-loved favorites to transform your guests' experiences.

If your searching for hotel wholesale linens near me, boutique hotel luxury linens, B&B hotel linens, or wholesale vacation rental linens, let's chat! Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale luxury linens.

Original American Comfort Down Alternative Duvet

Our Comfort Down Duvet is available in both Queen and King sizes and is perfect for lazy lounging, reading a book in bed, or simply contemplating life. It has a breathable texture so it can even be used when summer nights get a bit chilly or the air conditioning is on at full blast. Polygel fiberfill is used with plush softness to make anyone feel they are floating in a cloud.

Whether you are shopping for B&B hotel linens or boutique hotel linens, you cannot go wrong with this duvet - it's the stuff dreams are made of. Shop American Comfort - the preferred luxury hotel bedding supplier for small hotels and vacation rentals.

Sateen Stripe Pillow Case

The perfect pillows are the gateway to a fulfilling night of sleep, and you can’t compromise on quality when you want to do the best for your clients as a hotel or bed and breakfast owner. Many hotels use luxury hotel bedding suppliers that can be very expensive, but American Comfort it's all about offering lower prices with deluxe quality because we care about the value of a good night’s sleep; you can thank us later! 

Our sateen stripe pillow case has a chic striped surface with an almost satin finish that gleams under warm lights, perfect for boutique hotels, B&B's, and vacation rentals like Airbnb and VRBO! Filled with our polyester and cotton blend, it promises a deep sleep and effective neck recovery for your customers who have been traveling. As far as wholesale bed and breakfast linens go, this pillow range is a glorious, durable addition that your boutique hotel or B&B clients can enjoy for years to come. Not to mention these pillows retain their shape and softness, and their filling is entirely clump-free.

Luxury Sateen Sheets

Our American Comfort luxury flat bed sheets are a testament to all that a bed can be for the modern individual. It is a place to get on their laptop, read, snuggle with someone special, or simply unwind after a long day. Our bed sheets are hypoallergenic, petal-soft with ring-spun premium cotton, and are resistant to sweat, so they stay fresh smelling for long between washes.

Our 100% highest quality cotton yarn bed sheets are also mighty durable, so you can machine wash them repeatedly (as you should), and they won’t lose that new sheet shine and luster. Perfect for B&B linens or boutique hotel wholesale linens, our American Comfort collection is affordable luxury.

Our affordable luxury hotel sheets are crease-resistant, so whether they’ve been ironed or steamed, they retain their crinkle-free texture until their next wash. Our flat bed sheets are a dream come true for luxury hotel owners, B&B owners, and customers alike because they offer brilliant value for money and the satisfaction of knowing the bed will be super comfy and cloud-soft for anyone’s next nap.

Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Throw Pillows

Throw pills are an unsaid necessity in the world of boutique hotel linens and the comforts of home. Some people may not admit it, but who wants a bed that is devoid of throw pillows? They add character, finesse, and that extra pizzazz as the cherry on top of the cake to an inviting hotel bed. American Comfort offers throw pillows in more than 12 sizes with sturdy yet petal soft polyester filling that doesn’t clump or flatten over time with use. Our throw pillows can handle weight and pressure applied over time and still look as gorgeous and in shape as ever! 

The finishing and stitching are done with a great deal of precision that you can expect from the highest quality boutique hotel wholesale linens out there. No hanging loose threads or tears to be found here! American Comfort products are a long-term investment for those operating hotels of any size or high traffic bed and breakfast establishments.

American Comfort Decorative Bolster Pillow Insert

When you’re setting up a bed that is full of comfort and beauty, you need a lot of different elements to prop it up, and one of them is no other than our decorative bolster pillow insert. It can be put on any cover of your choosing for added allure to any perfectly made bed. Like our other pillow options, it withstands pressure very well and retains its cylindrical shape immaculately for years. For a luxurious flair, you can use our bolster pillow insert as part of your B&B hotel linens collection anywhere, such as pool furniture, lounge couches, and beds.

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American Comfort Mikado Collection Bath Towel

When you are looking for a hotel linens supplier, beautiful, heavenly bath towels will be on your list. American Comfort Mikado collection luxury bath towels are the perfect antidote to a tired traveler. The one who wants to wash off their day with a super absorbent and plush soft towel that dries quickly and feels like butter against the skin. Perfect even for sensitive and easily aggravated skin types!

If you're searching for affordable boutique hotel or bed & breakfast hotel linens that are luxurious, American Comfort is your boutique hotel wholesale linen supplier. Our hearts lie with the hotel staff and owners that want to offer their guests an unforgettable and unique experience. 

So, we work diligently to source the best quality, luxurious materials to produce affordable luxury hotel sheets, pillows and towels that boutique hotels, vacation rentals and B&B's can affordable. 

Ready to outfit your property with affordable luxury linens? Shop American Comfort today for your boutique hotel wholesale linens. Let's chat!

No longer are the big-box hotel chains the only ones that can offer a luxurious room experience. 

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