4 Things You Can Do To Spice Up Your Bedroom

4 Things You Can Do To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Whoa! Hold onto your horses, we’re not here to talk about sex baby, we’re here to talk about how to add some spice to your bedroom by creating the perfect ambiance to let’s say…get your groove on. So, what’s the secret sauce to feeling frisky in the bedroom?

Well, in your younger years, you probably thought “Sex Sheets” as being something silky and red. But then, when you actually started having sex as a teenager or young adult, the idea of those silky red sheets disappeared because you were probably sneaking around having sex on some cheap, scratchy polyester sheets that had seen better days (or the couch, carpet or you know…backseat of your car). No offense intended, but absolutely…we think most people can relate. 

But now that you're an actual grown-up, you need some actual grown-up sex sheets and an overall romantic setting in the bedroom to set the mood. And while the images of red satin or silk sheets may still be floating around in your head (or maybe even a fantasy), they can really be viewed as cliché or even kinky. So, how can you spice up your bedroom and turn it into a perfect ultra-romantic boudoir? No worries, we've got you covered!

Here are some tips for creating the perfect bed for sex — which also happen to be some of the best tips for lounging, sleeping, and all other bed-related activities…including breakfast in bed which hopefully comes after a night of frolicking between the sheets. 

And no! You don’t have to spend $400 on quality sheets and bed linens!!

  1. Turn Your Bedroom Into A Romantic Boudoir

Before we get into the nitty-gritty on how to design the perfect bed for sex, we have to start with something that’s possible more important - the aesthetics. Cause let’s face it, it’s hard to romance your boo in an ugly, messy bedroom. Here are some tips to set the stage.


This should be a no-brainer, but for some, it isn’t. One of the most important things you need to do to turn your bedroom into a romantic boudoir is to de-clutter. And we don’t mean de-clutter before a date, hoping it turns into some nighttime fun, we mean to keep it de-cluttered…you know for that unexpected rendezvous. Here are some things to do.

  • Eliminate tchotchke (miscellaneous trinkets, baubles, and visible stuff on dressers, etc.)
  • Always empty trash cans
  • Keep dirty laundry neatly in clothes hamper out of sight (in a closet or laundry room)
  • Put away clean clothes


Lighting is one of the main keys to mastering the boudoir look. Every bedroom needs lighting, but it's more important in a space designed to evoke sex. To assist create the right atmosphere, think about installing dimmers on each light. additionally offer many lighting settings for variety. You can easily change the amount of illumination in your boudoir with wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Create A Dreamy Bed

Nothing could dampen a “sexy mood” faster than a messy, ugly, and uninviting bed. There is no doubt that our bedrooms serve as our haven from the chaos of a long day. Chilling in bed, losing yourself in a good book, relaxing for a little peace and quiet, or snuggling with your boo is always a great way to unwind. But to really have an oasis to retreat to you have to make sure that you create a dreamy, comfy, and inviting bed to sink into. Here are some tips to achieve your dream bed experience. 

The key to turning your boudoir into an oasis that fills you up is to start with a dreamy bed. Too often, we decorate by spending all our time and budget making the living room lovely, but then shortchange ourselves when it comes to sprucing up our bedrooms. But we’ve found that waking up in a beautiful bed is the ideal way to start, and end, your day. So, here are a few tips to help you create your dream oasis. 

Easy & Sexy Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

2.Spice Up Your Bedroom The Perfect Bed Linens

Ok, remember those sexy red silk sheets? Well, they aren’t the only way to create a sexy bed. All you really need are “soft and silky” linens, but they don’t actually have to be “silk or satin.” And they don’t have to be red or cost a fortune. 

Instead, you want to get sheets that give you an “Aaah feeling” when you slide into bed. Silk or sating sheets are what most people think of, but sateen sheets or sheets with a high thread count can feel silky to the touch as well. Just steer clear of the cheap polyester sheets – there’s nothing sexy about them! Luxury sateen sheets are the perfect choice for sexy bed linens as they have a lustrous feeling against your skin. 

Another great tip, for spicing up the bedroom is to steer clear of the matching bedroom sets or bed-in-a-bag sets. While they may be easy to purchase, they don’t create a unique and romantic boudoir experience. It’s best to style your bedroom yourself. 

3. Have Fun With Throw Pillows

Wait! hear us out! We know you may be thinking, what the heck…why would I want to clutter up my bed with a bunch of throw pillows -they’ll just get in the way. Well, here’s why. Not only do they help you create a beautifully romantic ambiance in your bedroom (visually), but they can actually enhance the level of passion and excitement when you get down to getting busy. 

What could increase your heart rate more, than some passionate kissing and kicking, tossing, or throwing your pillows to the floor….get a little wild and have fun! 

4. The Best Pillow In Town

We can’t talk about having the perfect or most dreamy bed without talking about your pillows. Once you have found the perfect luxury sheets, the absolute best finishing touch to your bed is the perfect pillow. It’s hard to believe that the key to a good night's sleep, comfy lounging, and unforgettable frolicking can lie in a pillow, but it can. When selecting your pillows you have to understand the importance of it being comfortable and supportive. This is why you can’t just buy any old pillow, or opt for the cheapest pillow you can find. 

Getting the best night's sleep and enjoying bedtime really relies on the choice you make when selecting your pillow. Too flat won’t provide enough support and too hard might be too much. Everyone has different needs when it comes to what’s considered the “best pillow” for them.

A down alternative pillow is a great choice if you want the comfort and support of a down pillow, but hate the feathers. Down pillows are often filled with a synthetic down material, which gives you the cloud-like sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

And, if you have allergies, we advise using down alternative pillows because they are free of feathers and other irritants. Additionally, since they won't absorb the moisture in the air as a conventional down pillow would, they're an excellent option if you live in a humid environment.

If your bedroom is a total snooze fest, these ideas will certainly help turn it around. Changing a few things in your bedroom and breaking the monotony will add just the right amount of spice and sizzle that you’ve been missing. 

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