10 Stylish Bedroom Sanctuary Styling Ideas

10 Stylish Bedroom Sanctuary Styling Ideas

Is your bedroom style and décor a total snooze fest? If you walk into your bedroom and feel underwhelmed by what you see, it's time to add some spice to your life by freshening up your boudoir. We get it! A few months ago, you probably loved everything about your bedroom--the wallpaper, the colors, the bedding, and the personal touches on the walls. But just like the seasons change, our likes, desires, and passions can change too. 

Our senses always need to be tantalized by sights, sounds, scents, and tastes. And yes! Our décor throughout our homes can become stale and boring. Maybe you've grown out of it, or what was once fun and exciting is now dull. Don't let your bedroom stay in this rut--follow these fresh ideas to change up the whole space and make it more exciting again!

It's time to put some sizzle and steam back into your bedroom with these boudoir styling tips. 

1. Comfort Is King

Before we get into all the incredible ways to elevate how your bedroom sanctuary "looks," we must first discuss the most essential part of creating a bedroom space that you love—comfort. 

Sure, you can spend your time adding lots of decorations to make it "look pretty," but your bedroom has an important function - it's where you rest. And no amount of prettiness will give you a better night's sleep. So, here are some incredible ways to increase the comfort level in your bedroom.

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Monogrammed Towels

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Luxury Sateen Sheets

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2. Create Intimacy & Ambiance With Layered Lighting

Bedrooms are a space in your home that has multiple uses. They are practical and functional as well as relaxation areas, so you must plan your lighting appropriately. It's best to use a mixture of mood, task, and accent lighting to create a multi-layered lighting plan that will work at any time of day and throughout different seasons – light and airy in summer and cozy in winter.

Most individuals overlook the fact that the bedroom should be as serene as it is practical. Bright lights are needed for our daily rituals and getting ready, yet ambient lighting is necessary for relaxing at night. Dimmers should be installed for all of the bedroom's lights. The light's brightness and, in some situations, its level can be totally customized. Not only is this advantageous for overhead lighting, but accent lighting also needs to be dimmer-friendly.

3. Get Touchy Feely

OK, your bedroom is a terrific place to get touchy-feely, but that's not the type of touch-feely we're talking about. Try using a range of distinct textures to satisfy your eyes and sense of touch. Four painted drywall walls might appear and feel chilly and rigid. Compared to smooth walls, the grass cloth wallcovering in this bedroom gives the room a warmer, more tactile feel.

4. Freshen Up Your Window Dressings

Choose the perfect bedroom window ideas for your scheme, whether it be curtains or shades, or a combination of the two, to improve your bedroom with an additional layer of cozy texture and guarantee a good night's sleep.

Blackout curtains can turn your bedroom into a cozy sleep haven. To add maximum luxury to your bedroom, hang your curtains close to the ceiling all the way down to the floor. It creates a dramatic and opulent look. 

5. Lay Down A Base Layer

Set up a foundation that will make going into your room feel like walking on air. The solution should be a soft shag rug in a lovely color or light gray.

6. Bed-Activities Only Zone

Set up a designated space in your home for work and stop working from your bed (we know it's really tempting, especially if you're working from home). Make sure to keep your bed as a space that's only used for bed activities.

 And don't fire up Netflix on your computer; watch TV from your couch instead! 

7. Breathe Life Into Your Bedroom Décor

It's simple to incorporate a few potted plants into your bedroom design, and they may both improve your mood and purify the air. However, you can do more than simply plant a Boston fern in the corner and call it a day. Even visual representations of nature can be comforting. 

8. Keep It Clutter-Free

When your space is tidy and organized, it's much simpler to unwind after a long day. One of our favorite ideas for soothing bedrooms is to include furniture with storage components to make your bedroom feel big and appear trendy without cluttered surfaces. 

We adore bedrooms that use additional storage spaces, like a bench, ottoman, and the lower shelf of the nightstand, which are wonderful locations to put bulkier goods like blankets, toss pillows, and books. With drawers, you can keep your phone, glasses, and other tiny sleep necessities on nightstands.

9. Layer Up

Create layers for a more calming setting where you'll want to unwind. Cozy bedding is all about volume. To give your bed a full and inviting appearance, stack pillows on top of one another. Then, for maximum comfort and a polished appearance, design a carefully picked mountain of pillows, ranging from plush bed pillows to shams, throws, and lumbar pillows. 

For a comfortable bed, you won't want to leave, layer your bedding with an extra quilt, a coverlet, and a soft throw.

10. Wallpaper The Ceiling

Of course, you can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, but graphic wallpaper might be worthwhile if your room needs a little more character. It's an unexpected bedroom design element that packs a huge punch!


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